NetSnap Version history

The cool web-cam software for Windows 98/2000/XP

The current  release is: v1.3.4 dated 11/26/2003

v1.3.4: 11/26/2003

  1. Add support for Tuner interface. Options command now has a tuner option which pulls up the Tuner Interface on a capture card (if a tuner is present).
  2. Rebuild NetSnap with new libraries released by Microsoft.
  3. Fix a couple of memory allocation problems.
  4. Support the Canon VC-C4 remote controllable camera.
  5. Fix a thread lock problem.
  6. Fix a problem if Start/Stop server are clicked at short time interval.
  7. Remove support for Windows/NT (Sorry Eric, time to update!)

v1.3.1:  8/14/2002

  1. Redesigned Camera Capture interface to support WDM drivers instead of VFW. This supports the new driver specifications from Microsoft, based on DirectX. [10]
  2. Updated Coolpush java viewer. [10]
  3. Added Streamview java push applet. [10]
  4. Add W2K Service support. NetSnap now runs as an actual service under Windows 2000. [11]
  5. New (http based) method used to check for new versions of NetSnap. [11]
  6. Input Pin assignment saved and restored as option. [11]
  7. Close WDM objects properly before exiting NetSnap. [11]
  8. Bring up VfW configuration dialogs if older driver detected. [12]
  9. Fix a problem in WDM installation.[13]
  10. Remove QEDIT.DLL from install package[14]
  11. Add support for CANNON VCC-3 Remote Controlled Camera[14]
  12. Use Preview Window instead of streaming window for preview[14]
  13. Add help support DLLs to package (omitted in previous beta)[14]
  14. Improve update availability checker code[14]
  15. Greatly improve WDM driver interface[15] to improve performance.
  16. More work on WDM driver interface[16] to improve compatibility with some older cam drivers
  17. Fix leadin and trailer image support[16]
  18. Autoscan for available HTTP server port[16]
  19. Default HTTP port set to 81 as a lot of providers have started blocking port 80 [16]
  20. More WDM improvements [17]
  21. Bug Fix when Windows would make system setting change and not pass along info on the change [17]
  22. Support Lead-In and Trailer Images properly for Java Applications [17]
  23. Fix problem with greyed out preview window (hopefully) [17]
  24. Fix a XP specific bug [17]
  25. Fix install script engine problems[18]
  26. On new install, select first camera/capture card located as default cam [18]

v1.2.10 BETA: 11/30/01

  1. Redesigned Camera Capture interface to support WDM drivers instead of VFW. This supports the new driver specifcations from Microsoft, based on DirectX.
  2. Updated Coolpush java viewer.
  3. Added Streamview java push applet .

v1.2.9: 11/14/00

  1. Fixed a problem in http server which could leave NetSnap open to DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.
  2. Fixed a problem with NetScape Navigator Push-feed method

v1.2.8: 11/08/00

  1. Support for multiple cameras (requires a NetSnap/Pro License ID).
  2. Unique definition support for each camera.
  3. Revised History image support.
  4. NoHistory.Jpg image is sent if a history image is not yet available..
  5. Support for up to 999 history images.
  6. Pro/Standard release license mechanism (early support) added.
  7. Reverse Pan/Tilt options added.
  8. Fixed Serial number/License Number key code bug.
  9. Default setting for "Publish home page.." is set to on.
  10. Added support for Camera category/description to be sent to camera search engine.
  11. Splash screen displayed while camera(s) driver(s) being initialized. 
  12. Stream duration limit is now expressed in seconds, rather than frames.
  13. Fixed problem with exiting while server still running.
  14. Initial support for Windows 2000.
  15. Trace down a bug in Windows 2000 RCM control code
  16. Add delay option for Single image post Pan/Tilt settling delay, allowing cameras with automatic zoom to zoom in before the next image is sent.
  17. Configuration option allowing a delay after RCM control command.
  18. Updated web page examples.
  19. Updated help system.
  20. Removed support for Snappy device. 
  21. Improve Video for Windows support.
  22. TCP/IP stack requirements changed to Winsock 2 in order to improve performance.

v1.2.3:  12/28/99

  1. Zoom support for Hitachi VK-C77 camera.
  2. Improved handling of web-server termination code.
  3. Improved streaming efficiency.
  4. New interface for selecting remote control/zoom devices.
  5. Updated push applet to take care of deleted methods in latest Virtual Machine for Windows 98.


  1. Support for transitRCM Robotic Camera Manipulator.
  2. Fix bug reporting garbage if Page Referral reporting set to disabled.
  3. Lookup Server error message bug fixed (when HTTP service disabled).
  4. Optimized push applet (v2.5) provides much faster streaming.
  5. Push applet with remote control support.
  6. Cool Push applet included for free.


  1. The NetSnap ID number and key are now displayed as separate fields, making the registration process less confusing.
  2. Fixed a bug preventing FTP uploads to occur regularly if HTTP service was disabled.
  3. A new feature allows host message from the FTP server to be displayed in the activity window.
  4. User name and password field sizes for dial up connections have been increased.
  5. Support for AOL browsers to display NetSnap images (Some versions of the AOL browser could not display images from NetSnap due to an inconsistency in the browser software).
  6. Improved support to stop server if the connection to the lookup server can not be properly established.
  7. Removed dependency on Windows/NT RAS DLL when loading NetSnap under Windows/NT
  8. Prevent the 'Ftp limit reached' box from being displayed multiple times in eval version.
  9. Improved reliability of FTP support.
  10. URL's are now much shorter requiring only a 6 digit ID number instead of the complicated number to let the lookup server find a particular copy of NetSnap.
  11. Support for Windows NT phone book.
  12. Fix problem with Registration Wizard not updating properly.
  13. Fix memory leak and instability which may occur when History is enabled.
  14. New FTP option to upload to temporary file and rename to final file, works better with some web server which tend to lock files during viewing.
  15. Miscellaneous other fixes and improvements.

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